Paternal Age’s Impact on Male Fertility

When it comes to fertility, the belief that a woman’s age is all that matters, when a couple tries to conceive, may be wrong. Men also have a biological clock according to a study. So this is a study that is come out of Colorado and it is actually an animal study, still looking at a mouse model which is a pretty good model for the human biology. And what they looked at was they took the male mice that were their mid-life stage, so that is about equivalent to 45 to 50 years of age in humans in men; and they looked at these 13 mice and only one of them was able to actually achieve a pregnancy with their female counterpart. So the question has arisen again “is a man’s age is important for couple’s fertility as a woman’s age is?”.

Of course, an animal studies are not perfect; we need more translational research that is done in the human model to give us a better understanding. However, there are a lot of studies actually out there about what we call “advanced paternal age”, when the man’s ages considered a bit higher for achieving a pregnancy and what the effects may be.

Some guys are wondering if it’s possible to improve fertility and sperm count and what is the connection between both. Well, sperm count is important without a doubt not only for fertility issues, but also for self confidence and pleasure you get from massive ejaculation. Semenax is the key product to boost semen volume to new levels. This product is reviewed in details, so you just have to learn the facts behind the formula to understand its effectiveness.

The issue is that the jury still kind of out. So we are not quite sure yet because the data is not that robust, and there is a lot of contradictions in the data. There some studies that say “yeah, we certainly see parameters going down as men age and fertility getting worse as men age.” And then there are other studies that show there might be some diminishment in numbers, but it isn’t every significant effect on that couple’s ability to conceive. So we are not quite sure yet.

First of all, overall just societally we are seeing the couples are waiting longer to have children that they used in the past for all sorts of reasons. So we see couples that are considered in the more advanced age category all the time, on both sides. I think the key of studies like these are the reminders that fertility is not just a women’s issue. This is the one thing in medicine that takes two people to be successful at getting the outcome that we want. So really the focus needs to be on couples. We see that 20% of couples, that we consider subfertile, having some trouble conceiving, have solely a male factor reason that the couple is having difficulty. There is an additional 40% where there is male factor plus female factor. So 60% of the time there is male factor involvement when a couple is having difficulty conceiving. And traditionally and unfortunately still a lot of places we tend to ignore the guys and just focus on the women, where we can be getting better results and perhaps offering more options if we are evaluating both sides of the couple.

How To Treat Impotence

In this article, I want to talk about ways to treat impotence using the best penis pump called Bathmate. The first thing is L-arginine. L-arginine is an amazing amino acid. Get it as a supplement, get it in your foods also, but you are going to probably get the dosage you need as a supplement. It is important because it increases nitric oxide levels in your body and it does this by healing the lining of your blood vessel called the endothelium, which produces nitric oxide when it is healthy. So you need an L-Arginine to heal the endothelium, so that your body can produce nitric oxide because it is vital for maintaining blood pressure levels and erectile dysfunction. Because nitric oxide will produce great blood flow which will alleviate the problem of ED.

We have Zinc. Zinc is a trace mineral, and it is vital for prostate health. So part of the whole ED issue involves the prostate and the healthier that can be, the better sexual function you will have.

Another issue is gum disease. I’m not sure of the relationship, or I’m not sure if medical sciences understand the relationship, but what they do know is that 53 percent of men with ED had chronic gum disease. And those who treated it has significantly improved erectile function. So see your dentist, what can I say. Nobody exactly knows why it just makes the coincidence. But more than half the men with ED had chronic gum disease. Get it fixed.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, lose weight for your heart, for your health, but also excess weight increases inflammation, which causes testosterone to convert to estrogen. If you don’t have enough testosterone in your body, you will have lower sexual drive. They have some relationship to sexual function, but you’ll certainly have lower sexual drive.

But we want to be able to fix the causes of impotence, of ED and you can do that by something called nitric oxide therapy. And what that does is it improves the quality of the lining of your blood vessels which is what we were talking about with L-Arginine. And when the endothelium is improved, you have improved nitric oxide production, which will nourish your body.

Zooming out ironically the number one thing between you and your manliness might be your desire to be manly. Crawling all that mean pounding down all those BBQ chicken wings and so on. To get the point across seriously though we need to fix this. To show how many people want to overcome erectile dysfunction, we just have to look at rhino horns in the illegal rhino poaching. Countless rhinos are killed every year so that people can grind up the rhino horn because they believe that cures erectile dysfunction despite there being no scientific proof on the subject. Many around species are threatened or endangered, and this demand has pushed a rhino horn to 30 thousand dollars a pound. Not cool.

Why It Is Important To Talk About Female Sexual Dysfunction

When I explain the low sexual desire to a patient, I really emphasize that there are biological, psychological, and social or cultural factors that affect a woman’s ability to experience desire and respond to it(you can find my female libido enhancers medical reviews at website). I also explain that when this condition occurs, particularly HSDD (hypoactive sexual desire disorder), there’s a disconnect between someone’s idea of what should be and what they actually experienced; and also a disconnect between their mind being able to generate desire and their body being able to want desire and then actually executing it. Regardless out of how a woman gets to a state of having low desire, the experience of low desire can become patterned or imprinted in the way that her brain processes information. And therefore low desire may be amenable to biological interventions.

I would like to really emphasize that female sexual dysfunctions, hypoactive sexual desire disorder and other sexual problems in women are very important for women. Women not have a lot of opportunities to discuss these conditions, and to seek treatment, and receive appropriate remedies or interventions in clinical settings over several decades; whereas men have had many treatments available. This is due to low anticipations and low recognition of clinicians or time on the part of clinicians to detect and manage these conditions. By not addressing this in our practices we’re doing women a huge disservice. Clinical settings, particularly primary care and gynecological settings, are the place where women could really receive help and treatment, and we are doing them a disservice if we can learn to do this well and offer these opportunities for discussion and treatment to our patients.

Stem cell therapy for FSD

We have treated a few women with what is called female sexual arousal disorder. There are different conditions which are summarized under the topic of female sexual dysfunction. One is a hyperactive sexual disorder, and another one is female sexual arousal disorder. And in part, this is also caused by a vascular problems like erectile dysfunction in males.

And it happens after menopause and stem cells have been working. And it’s great. Stem cells stimulate blood flow in all areas. So why wouldn’t  it stimulate in that area?

So stem cells among other treatments help to improve the perfusion and by thus improve the symptoms. I’m not saying it is curing the problem completely, but it can help to improve. As we heard from our patients that measured by some same objective measures to assess the effect and efficacy and safety of stem cell therapies.

It really helps them live life again, feel younger, feel more vivacious. And they kind of need this. So they love us because of this.

This is not systematically reviewed and examined in the frame of large clinical trials, but there are trials showing improvement in erectile function. That’s why I said with stem cell therapy we can’t say no because we are finding out more things now than we ever have. And this in the last year we’ve been doing women, men we’ve been doing the last three years with the ED. And it’s amazing. Now women are coming in, and I’m just happy. We just need to get out there and educate everyone about it.

Why Penis Size Is Important for Sexual Life?


When a man has a bigger penis size, he has just improved himself. On this basis alone, he will have a lot more self-confidence. Yes, a feeling that he is fantastic and he can do anything sets in. Having sex with a partner will be a lot more pleasurable since he will have no problem trying something different.

Confidence is an area which also has the uncanny effect of spreading into other aspects of life as well. It is going to give a man the ability to give that excellent presentation without any problems or even stand up to his boss.

Masculine pride

Regardless it is to the right, or the wrong, masculinity is a massive part of the culture which exists in the 21st century. And as you might have guessed, part of that masculine culture comes with the obsession with penis size. Men are often desperate to know that they have the biggest penis in town. And yes, they think that it attracts women all the time, which it often will.

Here are some adverse effects of having small penis size:

  • Teasing, which can be in a friendly or aggressive way;
  • Exile, due to the teasing;
  • Rejection from women, especially when another guy with a larger penis comes along;
  • Depression, due to the lack of pride.

Walking around with a big penis will help the individual to get those elusive women as well as get the respect of their peers. Add all of this together, and it equals an increase in masculine pride.


That’s correct. Surprise. There is nothing more surprising than unveiling a big penis in the bedroom. Most women will use the benefit of experience when they try to imagine what will happen in the near future. When an average penis turns out to be a big one, then all of their expectations will be instantly blown away. It is going to wet their vagina immediately. And, many men reported that their first encounter after having gone through a penis enlargement treatment is one of the best sexual experiences of their lives.

Note that the increase in penis size is only going to be any good up to a certain point. The idea of having a larger penis is to provide more flesh to pleasure a partner with. Keep in mind that the vagina is not a bottomless pit. Yes, there is a limit to exactly how much it can accommodate. Increasing the penis size to a huge one will not be beneficial since it will not be able to fit inside. It can even make it difficult to have sex altogether.

You’ve got different penis enlargement options these days like penis extension, supplements. You can stretch your penis using a penis extender device, penis pump or exercises. But the safest way is to take herbal supplements that will boost your penis to grow naturally. Check out the top rated penis enhancement products and read what customers say about certain pills. Buy the supplement according to its rating at

Relationship improvements

Poor sex is often the root of relationship problem. And often time, it is caused by a lack of penis size. Remember, sex is the most sacred expression of love. If it can’t be done in the best possible way, then the heart, as well as the soul, has been torn from the ribcage of the relationship. This way, a bigger penis can improve the relationship since it increases the amount of sex appeal within the relationship. Indeed, it will demonstrate that the man wants to make improvements and to make it as special as possible.

Premature Ejaculation Causes and Treatment

Today I am going to talk about a very sensitive but important subject of premature ejaculation. So what is a premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder when the man reaches climax very fast in sexual activity. It is a very spread and off-putting issue because about thirty percent of men experiencing premature ejaculation at some point during their life.

Ejaculation can be considered as premature when it occurs in under four minutes into sexual intercourse depending on different cultures and countries. However, the general consensus that any sexual intercourse that lasts less than two minutes can be considered premature ejaculation.

Causes of PE

What are the causes of premature ejaculation? Well, there are a number of both physical and psychological causes for a man to experience premature ejaculation. Some of the common physical causes include:

  • obesity and poor health in general;
  • prostate problems – this typically affects older men;
  • thyroid disorders, so having an underactive and even an overactive thyroid gland can result in premature ejaculation;
  • use of recreational drugs such as amphetamines and cocaine can also result in premature ejaculation.

Now let’s look at all the psychological causes. So the common one is depression, low mood, and stress. Also relationship issues or anxiety about sexual performance especially when in a new relationship or when a man has encountered previous difficulties with sexual performance.

Treatment of PE

Now let’s talk about the management of premature ejaculation. There are a number of things that one can try before seeking medical help. This includes more regular sex or masturbation since premature ejaculation is more likely if there are long gaps between sex. Using a condom to help reduce sensation and also sex with a woman on top reduces the likelihood of premature ejaculation.

There are also a couple of well-known techniques which have been found to be useful for men suffering from premature ejaculation. The first one is the squeeze technique. This involves the woman masturbating a man to the point of ejaculation and then squeezing the head of the penis for approximately 30 seconds. She then let’s go and wait for further 30 seconds before resuming masturbation. It may take a few months to produce any benefits and relapse is common.

Also, there is something called “stop-go technique”. This is similar to the squeeze technique, but a woman doesn’t squeeze the penis.

Now let’s talk about medication used to help with premature ejaculation. So the commonly used medication is a group of medication called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or abbreviated to SSRIs. These are commonly used to treat depression, but they have been found to help with premature ejaculation. SSRIs used for this purpose include Paroxetine, Sertraline, Citalopram, and Fluoxetine. It can take two weeks of taking the medication before full effects are noted. There was one particular SSRI Dapoxetine also known as Priligy; this has been licensed in the UK and is much faster than the SSRIs I have just mentioned, and they can be used on demands.

So here you go that was a brief summary on premature ejaculation.