How To Treat Impotence

In this article, I want to talk about ways to treat impotence using the best penis pump called Bathmate. The first thing is L-arginine. L-arginine is an amazing amino acid. Get it as a supplement, get it in your foods also, but you are going to probably get the dosage you need as a supplement. It is important because it increases nitric oxide levels in your body and it does this by healing the lining of your blood vessel called the endothelium, which produces nitric oxide when it is healthy. So you need an L-Arginine to heal the endothelium, so that your body can produce nitric oxide because it is vital for maintaining blood pressure levels and erectile dysfunction. Because nitric oxide will produce great blood flow which will alleviate the problem of ED.

We have Zinc. Zinc is a trace mineral, and it is vital for prostate health. So part of the whole ED issue involves the prostate and the healthier that can be, the better sexual function you will have.

Another issue is gum disease. I’m not sure of the relationship, or I’m not sure if medical sciences understand the relationship, but what they do know is that 53 percent of men with ED had chronic gum disease. And those who treated it has significantly improved erectile function. So see your dentist, what can I say. Nobody exactly knows why it just makes the coincidence. But more than half the men with ED had chronic gum disease. Get it fixed.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, lose weight for your heart, for your health, but also excess weight increases inflammation, which causes testosterone to convert to estrogen. If you don’t have enough testosterone in your body, you will have lower sexual drive. They have some relationship to sexual function, but you’ll certainly have lower sexual drive.

But we want to be able to fix the causes of impotence, of ED and you can do that by something called nitric oxide therapy. And what that does is it improves the quality of the lining of your blood vessels which is what we were talking about with L-Arginine. And when the endothelium is improved, you have improved nitric oxide production, which will nourish your body.

Zooming out ironically the number one thing between you and your manliness might be your desire to be manly. Crawling all that mean pounding down all those BBQ chicken wings and so on. To get the point across seriously though we need to fix this. To show how many people want to overcome erectile dysfunction, we just have to look at rhino horns in the illegal rhino poaching. Countless rhinos are killed every year so that people can grind up the rhino horn because they believe that cures erectile dysfunction despite there being no scientific proof on the subject. Many around species are threatened or endangered, and this demand has pushed a rhino horn to 30 thousand dollars a pound. Not cool.